Through The Light Program, Onward Behavioral Health provides comprehensive psychological assessment testing for children, adolescents, and adults throughout the Philadelphia and surrounding area.

What is Psychological Assessment Testing?

Psychological testing has many benefits, and is often times an essential service for those experiencing difficulty with functioning in their academic, professional, and personal lives.  Psychological assessments can provide important information about a diagnosis and course of treatment.

Assessments can provide crucial information about interventions and appropriate services for the formal diagnosis of a learning disorder, such as ADHD, and  mental health conditions, such as depression.  Testing can also be beneficial in identifying a mental health diagnosis, school readiness/giftedness, and developmental disabilities; giving a deeper diagnostic understanding or clarification; or providing information needed for accommodations in school and the workplace.

What is The Light Program’s Psychological Testing Process?

  • Individual clinical interview
  • Collateral interviews with relevant individuals
  • Comprehensive psychological testing
  • Records review
  • Recommendations
  • Individualized verbal feedback session

How Do I Begin Psychological Testing with The Light Program?

  • At The Light Program, we aim to serve our clients in a supportive environment in which their needs are heard and met.  Once contacted, our 24-hour admission team can schedule you with an assessment clinician for an initial evaluation. Call (888) 686-7511 to speak with an assessment clinician today.
  • During the initial evaluation, the clinician will take time to understand your history, concerns, and goals, as well as discuss the assessment process with you.  The clinician will be able to develop an individualized testing plan for you or your child, along with reviewing the testing timeline, fees, and expectations.
  • Our individualized and comprehensive testing services will aim to answer referral questions, as well as offer detailed and feasible recommendations for you
  • Timing and costs can vary depending on the reason for referral.  We will work with you to try to accommodate your financial and scheduling needs.
  • The Light Program offers flexible scheduling during day time and evening hours.
  • At The Light Program we value continuity of care, and are able to provide seamless and convenient post-testing therapeutic services for those interested.

The Light Program has several offices throughout the Philadelphia area.  Please contact us today at (888) 686-7511 to schedule a testing consultation.