Our Media facility offers outpatient and intensive outpatient mental health treatment programs, as well as a variety of specialty groups. Our programs are divided into the following categories and offered separately to teens and adults:

• Outpatient Therapy
• Intensive Outpatient Therapy
• Psychiatric Therapy

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From the beginning of each client’s journey, our staff partners to design a treatment plan for each individual’s needs and goals. This can include individual therapy, group counseling, and in some cases a partial day program or psychiatric therapy. We work with our clients to create schedules that fit into their daily life, whether it be daytime, evening or weekend care.

The average duration of The Light Program is 18 sessions over the course of 4 to 8 weeks, but can vary quite a bit for each client. As our clients end their time with us, we refer them back to their individual therapist or provide a new referral if they do not have one.

For more detailed information about the different programs offered at our Media location, please click on the links below. We are located on Chelsea Drive, just west of the 476 and East Baltimore Pike interchange.

You can fill out the contact form for this location, or call our intake line at 610-644-6464 to schedule an appointment.