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Our Lake Ariel location is open and accepting new clients for residential mental health treatment.

Call our dedicated Residential Admissions Team at (855) 984-8522.
At Lake Ariel we offer a variety of mental health treatment options, to provide the right level of support for different mental health concerns. Schedule a call with our admissions team to schedule your intake appointment today.

About Our Lake Ariel Location

Our residential treatment facility is open 24/7/365. Our Lake Ariel location serves female clients in Lake Ariel and surrounding counties, providing confidential care no matter your mental health concerns. We accept most commercial insurance providers, as well as a majority of self-pay financing options.

Residential treatment

Our residential program offers treatment specific to adult females. At its core, the program will offer a multi-modal approach consisting of process group and individual therapy, psycho-education, nutrition and holistic treatment modalities. The program is for women 18+ who struggle with primary mental health disorders. The program is also capable of admitting clients who have a secondary substance use disorder and/or eating disorder diagnosis. Reach out to a mental health treatment specialist in Lake Ariel today, to take steps toward effective mental health management.

Our Staff

Mental health treatment at Lake Ariel is offered by a licensed, passionate staff, driven by a desire to help you reach and sustain recovery. Our qualified staff serve as advocates in helping you improve quality of life, no matter where you find yourself in your mental health journey. We understand what you’re going through. From day one, you’ll work with licensed advocates for your mental health, to create a treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Mental health treatment in Lake Ariel is personalized, and takes place at a pace comfortable for you.

Transportation options

If you want to fly in and start treatment, we are only 23 minutes from the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport. We provide ground transportation within a three-hour drive radius, if you need transportation from the airport or another location.

Contact Us Today

Our counselors want to walk with you on your journey toward improved quality of life, and can help anyone struggling with mental health in general. Call our dedicated residential admissions line at (855) 984-8522 today, or submit your information through our confidential web form below.