Failure To Launch


Recently, millennials have been under fire for not knowing how to “adult.”

Being a millennial myself, I initially took offense to this stereotype. However, after taking a closer look at the millennial clients I have provided therapy to, I realized many of them do not know how to do simple adult tasks such as writing a check, creating a budget, and, in some extreme cases, even doing their own laundry.

This lack of knowledge of how to do basic tasks is leading to bigger issues such as lack of independence and, ultimately, a “failure to launch.” This phrase describes trends like millennials not obtaining gainful employment or moving out of their parents’ houses at developmentally appropriate times. This leads to millennials continuing to rely on their parents financially, which makes it difficult for these parents to prepare for retirement.

If your child is struggling with “failure to launch,” consider having him or her work with a counselor. Counseling can help your child visualize goals for him or herself and build motivation for attaining these goals. Once your child has established goals and developed a sense of motivation, a counselor can help him or her identify smaller goals to work on that will lead to the accomplishment of his or her larger goal. A counselor can also hold your child accountable to following through with these goals. Family counseling can help you and your child work through any issues that come up as you start to set expectations for independence.

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