To refer yourself or someone else to The Light program, call (888) 686-7511 to speak with an intake coordinator. The admissions coordinator will obtain all necessary insurance and demographic information and will schedule the initial evaluation appointment.

Referrals to The Light Program come from a number of sources, including:

  • The potential client
  • Inpatient facilities
  • Therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Family members
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Schools
  • Managed care companies

The admissions protocol of the managed care organization will be followed to access mental health treatment benefits for clients who wish to use insurance benefits to offset the cost of their treatment. Our intake coordinators can assist the potential client in verifying that their insurance plan will cover the cost of any necessary mental health services. Most health plans utilize similar procedures to determine admissions eligibility and authorization for care based on a review of benefit balances. The Light Program intake coordinators will assist the potential client in navigating their insurance company’s required processes.

In the case of the individual being discharged from inpatient or residential facilities, the intake coordinator will process the registration in collaboration with the facility and schedule an initial appointment with the primary therapist. The intake coordinator will then notify the primary therapist of the client’s information and scheduled appointment in advance of their arrival. The hospital or residential treatment facility will provide information regarding the scheduled appointment to the client.

In the case of an emergency call, the intake coordinator will gather information to determine whether the client is in imminent danger. If it is an emergency, the client will be referred to their local emergency room or 911 for immediate assistance and to ensure they receive the appropriate higher level of care. Otherwise, the client will be registered and scheduled for the first available and mutually agreeable initial appointment with the primary therapist.