The Light Program is a proud member of the Pyramid Healthcare family of treatment partners network. This network consists of behavioral healthcare providers who demonstrate a shared commitment to our mission of providing our clients with a better quality of life. Together, our network provides expert-level addiction and mental health treatment to a wide population of people in need throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and North Carolina.

Pyramid Healthcare, Inc.


Headquartered in Altoona, PA and founded in 1999, Pyramid Healthcare has been a leader in the provision of behavioral healthcare in Pennsylvania for over 20 years. Now with over 80 facilities across five states, Pyramid Healthcare is a growing and innovative resource for those seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction or mental health issues.

Pyramid Healthcare Treatment Partners Network prides itself on its continuum of care, which allows clients to receive consistent, high-quality treatment, regardless of what stage of recovery they’re in.

Pyramid Healthcare also hosts Recovery 360: An Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Conference.

Corporate Headquarters

PO Box 967
Duncansville, PA 16635
(888) 694-9996


Located in rural western Pennsylvania, Silvermist offers high-quality and discreet addiction treatment for adult men and women in a luxury setting. A high staff-to-client ratio and a focus on providing cutting-edge, evidence-based care have made Silvermist, which first opened in summer 2014, one of the up-and-coming leaders in the industry of high-end addiction treatment.


130 Critchlow School Road
Renfrew, PA 16053
(724) 481-1284

High Focus Centers


Over the past 20 years, High Focus Centers has become New Jersey’s largest and most trusted provider of addiction treatment and mental health counseling programs, with five facilities across the central and northern regions of the state serving both adults and teens.

With a strong focus on providing the highest possible level of care in a non-restrictive setting, High Focus Centers gives each individual both the tools necessary to achieve the maximum benefit from treatment and the flexibility necessary to maintain a productive life outside of treatment.

Corporate Headquarters

47 Maple St., Suite 401
Summit, NJ 07901
(800) 877-3628

October Road, Inc.

Founded in 2006 in response to a growing need for high-quality, consumer-driven recovery services, October Road provides mental health and substance abuse treatment for adults in five counties surrounding the Asheville, NC area.

October Road’s treatment philosophy focuses on integrated care models, recovery-oriented systems of care, and proven, evidence-based treatment, as well as a strong belief in the potential for people to grow and create positive change in their lives.

Corporate Headquarters

119 Tunnel Rd., Suite D
Asheville, NC 28805
(828) 350-1000

Onward Behavioral Health


Onward Behavioral Health has an extensive history of providing high-quality outpatient treatment throughout eastern Pennsylvania through its subsidiary programs: Rehab After Work, The Light Program, and Seeds of Hope.

With flexible but effective individualized treatment plans, Onward Behavioral Health is an invaluable resource to adults and teens in the region suffering from substance addiction or mental health issues.

Corporate Headquarters

700 American Avenue, Suite 201
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(610) 644-6464

Real Recovery


Founded by two men in recovery with a shared dream of establishing a sober living environment that reached its full potential, Real Recovery provides residences and treatment for men ages 18 to 28 and women in recovery from opioid addiction located in Asheville, North Carolina. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Real Recovery provides a unique, adventure-based sober living experience that encourages residents to explore and appreciate the great outdoors as part of their journey to recovery.

Corporate Headquarters

145 Powers Road
Asheville, NC 28804
(855) 363-7325

Quest Services, Inc.


Founded in 2001, Quest Services, Inc. offers outpatient and intensive outpatient drug and alcohol services in group and individual settings, as well as DUI programs, at two locations in Philipsburg and Bellefonte in Centre County, Pennsylvania. Quest has a long-standing reputation as a provider of high-quality care in the area, and prides itself on making treatment more accessible for Centre County residents.

Corporate Headquarters

P.O. Box 967
Duncansville, PA 16635
(888) 694-9996

Mazzitti & Sullivan

mazzittiandsullivan-com_logo-1  mazzittiandsullivan-com_eap_logo-2

Founded in 1983, Mazzitti & Sullivan was formed out of a desire to help people. Since that time, Mazzitti & Sullivan has grown from a single counseling office in Harrisburg to a robust network of counseling offices in central Pennsylvania and an Employee Assistance Program covering more than 500,000 lives at more than 400,000 work sites across the country. Whether it’s served through a custom-tailored EAP program or individually at one of the Mazzitti & Sullivan counseling offices, Mazzitti & Sullivan stands for service and the betterment of individuals and employees.

Corporate Headquarters

3207 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
(888) 694-9996

Silver Ridge


Nestled in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of Mill Rivers, NC, Silver Ridge offers comprehensive and holistic care for mid-life professionals seeking a discreet and supportive recovery environment unmatched anywhere else. Silver Ridge’s dedicated treatment team provides clinical excellence through its client-directed, outcome-informed, and data-supported approach.

Corporate Headquarters

183 Old Turnpike Road
Mills River, NC 28759
(855) 875-4820


Located in western North Carolina, Tapestry empowers adults and teens to live well and better their lives through recovery from eating disorders. Tapestry provides client-centered treatment planning that is individualized, skill-based, supportive and personal, and also encourages residents to go out into the local community to practice their new skills in the real world.

Corporate Headquarters

11 North Country Club Road
Brevard, NC 28712
(828) 884-2475


Since 1973, Walden has grown and evolved to meet the needs of individuals and families in southern Maryland with behavioral health issues and crisis concerns. Today, they offer a full continuum of substance use residential and outpatient treatment options, mental health therapy and recovery support.

Corporate Headquarters

30007 Business Center Drive
Charlotte Hall, MD 20622
(310) 997-1300