“This program helped me see my life in a whole new way. I have learned so much about how and why I do certain things. If I’m ever feeling down, I know I can come to group or individual counseling and get astonishing advice on how I can move on…Another reason why this program helped me was, any time I felt like I was going through an issue, I knew if I got to talk to my counselor, I’d be up and rolling again. This program helped save my life and better my future. I’m glad this opportunity was given to me. I  don’t know what would have been happening to me if it wasn’t for this program. Thank you.”

“As parents of a teenager who recently completed The Light Program, I must say how impressed we were with the quality of services – which had a profound impact on our son’s ability to recognize feelings and situations which trigger negative behaviors. The staff treated him with dignity and respect and they were highly responsive to all of us. Parenting a teen is often tough regardless of the teen’s unique situation. I found the program to be the “light” at the end of a tunnel when we really needed support.”
LMR – Lansdale adolescent partial hospitalization program