The Light Program is a mental health Intensive Outpatient Program that treats individuals in crisis or struggling to function on a regular basis. Our mental health Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) consists of an initial individual session establishing person-centered treatment goals followed by regularly scheduled group counseling sessions that meet four times a week for a minimum of two hours and fifteen minutes. A qualified therapist leads the group counseling sessions and is trained to assist each client in meeting their personally pre-defined treatment goals.

The Light Program is available in multiple locations and services adolescents and adults. There is also specialty programming, called Seeds of Hope, for individuals suffering from eating disorders. Most individuals who enter The Light Program attend an average of 18 sessions over the course of 4 to 8 weeks. Upon discharge, clients are referred back to their individual therapist. If they do not have an individual therapist, they will receive a referral prior to leaving the intensive outpatient program.

The Light Program meets in a group format 4 times a week to offer more support than traditional once a week outpatient care. Individual and family sessions are provided on an as needed basis. Psychiatric services are available for medication management. A primary goal of The Light Program is to stabilize an individual so that s/he may be able to return to healthy functioning, e.g. succeed at school/work, develop or maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, identify unhealthy patterns of thinking/behaving, learn effective coping skills to manage depression/anxiety.

If you would like to refer yourself or a loved one, or if you have any questions about The Light Program, please call (888) 686-7511.